My transfer counselors’ responses were prompt and effective. They showed me the strengths and the weaknesses of my essays and made suggestions on how I could improve them. They truly wanted to help. Their guidance on how I should make the essay about myself really helped me improve my essay. As I corresponded with my transfer counselor and made changes according to their suggestions, I realized how difficult the process is. I could not have done it without the one-on-one help. My transfer counselor’s experience in the process and their constant support make their one-on-one service the best help out there for applicants. I would recommend it to any applicant.

Jay, who transferred to the Wharton School at UPenn

I used the one-on-one consulting as well as the book to craft my transfer applications. The counselors were incredibly helpful and answered any and all questions I had promptly and personally. I used the essays in The Transfer Book as a jump start for mine and they were very helpful. I have no regrets and I feel I would not have gotten accepted to such fine institutions without their help.

Hannah, who transferred to Columbia University

I must say, after being hesitant on asking for 1:1 help (since I bought books and thought that is all I needed), I am so glad I did! My counselor has helped me tremendously in my essay and I feel like I have improved so much from day 1 to this almost final draft. I am very thankful for their help in not only essay editing but answering questions that have come up along the way. Thank you so much for making something I thought impossible into something tangible and more true by the day!

Gia, who transferred to Northwestern

I bought The Transfer Book and must confess that its really amazing!!! My counselor’s one-on-one help so far with prompt email responses are gradually keeping my hopes up that transferring from an HBCU to an Ivy is a POSSIBILITY!!
Thank you!!

Shadrack, who transferred to UPenn

If it was not for my counselor, I would never have written an essay that I am so proud to show everyone. Transferring schools is stressful and not easy. But I am glad that I worked with them. My counselor is not someone who just corrects your essay then disappears. If you need help, he will stick around and give you the assist you need. I sent my counselor dozens of questions and he answered all of them with great detail. He is very honest with his corrections, that is the best part. If your response is good, he will shout “amazing,” if not, he will show you exactly what need to improve. I strongly recommend them to any transfer applicant out there.

Duc, who transferred to the University of Miami

The transfer process is really hard. However, with the help of my counselor, the process becomes much easier. His comments on my essays were prompt and critical. He truly wanted to help and improve the qualities of my essays. He even called me twice in order to explain how to write the application essays. I cannot image finishing this process without the help. Thank you!

Kevin, who transferred to NYU

My essays have gotten a whole lot better as a result and I feel as though I was able to express myself a lot more clearly.

Andrew, who transferred to Northwestern

Beyond my expectation. Very detailed advice! Perfect!

Nikita, who transferred to Brown

They helped me make my essays more concise and efficient in expressing my main ideas!

Yaqing, who transferred to UPenn

I showed my counselor my essay and she told me exactly what I needed to do to improve it. She gave me feedback on the overall essay and also made detailed suggestions: where to add more information, what kinds of details to add, and what parts to change or delete. She gave me useful examples to look at as I edited my essay and she suggested how I could make the conclusion better. The best thing about the one-on-one help was the support and encouragement I got throughout the entire process. Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without your help!

Jenny, who transferred to NYU

Less than a year ago, I found myself unsatisfied with the academic offerings at my previous institution, and intimidated by a transfer process that I was unsure of how to navigate. However, from the first session, my transfer counselor was there to provide invaluable assistance in shaping my diverse achievements and talents into a competitive application. From instructing me on how to properly request letters of recommendation to helping me navigate a labyrinth of forms and transcripts to providing a nuanced opinion on each of the innumerable drafts it took to hone my essays into Ivy League quality, my counselor exceeded expectations in every way. In a race as fierce as top-tier college admissions, I cannot stress enough the advantage that a transfer counselor affords.

Dolan, who transferred to Brown

Even though I had gone through the process as a freshman applicant, both The Transfer Book and the counseling services helped craft my application in the best way possible. I was showed specific steps I could take to appeal to my strengths as a transfer applicant, which were often times qualities I didn’t even know I needed to highlight. The essay revision process was flawless – I was asked targeted questions that guided me towards the right track while still giving me the flexibility to have my own voice shine through. It was also done in an efficient manner that is extremely useful to a busy applicant. I thank both my counselor and the writers of the book, knowing that with their help I’m going to my dream school!

Tara, who transferred to Columbia University