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Photo: Yale’s Beinecke Library, by Lauren Manning

Students who have worked with us have transferred to the following schools

(Among many, many others.)

Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Wharton, Penn and other college logos


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My transfer counselors’ responses were prompt and effective. They showed me the strengths and the weaknesses of my essays and made suggestions on how I could improve them. They truly wanted to help. Their guidance on how I should make the essay about myself really helped me improve my essay. As I corresponded with my transfer counselor and made changes according to their suggestions, I realized how difficult the process is. I could not have done it without the one-on-one help. My transfer counselor’s experience in the process and their constant support make their one-on-one service the best help out there for applicants. I would recommend it to any applicant.

Jay, who transferred to the Wharton School at UPenn

I used the one-on-one consulting as well as the book to craft my transfer applications. The counselors were incredibly helpful and answered any and all questions I had promptly and personally. I used the essays in The Transfer Book as a jump start for mine and they were very helpful. I have no regrets and I feel I would not have gotten accepted to such fine institutions without their help.

Hannah, who transferred to Columbia University

I must say, after being hesitant on asking for 1:1 help (since I bought books and thought that is all I needed), I am so glad I did! My counselor has helped me tremendously in my essay and I feel like I have improved so much from day 1 to this almost final draft. I am very thankful for their help in not only essay editing but answering questions that have come up along the way. Thank you so much for making something I thought impossible into something tangible and more true by the day!

Gia, who transferred to Northwestern

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